EOSpy Lite

Executive Order EOSPY Lite – GPS Tracking Devices – An Android lite version of EOSPY – Executive Order Sensor Processor sYstem Server and GPS Device configure application. The EOSPY Lite Android application allows you to use your mobile Android phone to configure and track GPS Tracking Device.

Monitor buildings, vehicles and people from anywhere in the world. Stay connected and informed to what’s important. EOSPY Lite application easily configures and programs an unlimited number of GPS GSM Trackers by sending multiple SMS to your GPS Tracking Devices. EOSPY Lite is also a lite Android version of EOSPY Server, made to track and show your GPS Tracking Devices on your Android phone map. EOSPY Lite receive light and sound warnings indicating that the vehicle position was moved. An alarm triggered if the SOS button is pressed or the vehicle has exceeded the speed you defined.

Use EOSPY Lite to Configure Many GPS GSM Tracking Devices at once. The EOSPY Lite main control window that ties all location and environment monitoring information on one GPS Map Screen on your Android device.

EOSpy Lite Live Map GPS tracking system that supports more than 90 GPS communication protocols and more than 800 models of GPS tracking devices from popular GPS vendors.


Executive Order Spy Lite is an Android application for viewing “Real Time” live GPS Tracking information over the Internet/Mobile Cell network that does not require a monthly service subscription or fee. The EOSPY Lite provides information about any GPS GSM Tracking Device directly on your smart phone.

Executive Order EOSPY Lite – The GPS Tracking automation and remote monitoring system is a complete package for business or office. Its wireless GPS tracking allows you to monitor your office, systems, personal property, and business from anywhere in the world. Receive remote information from any number of events like when an employee arrives on-site or where a vehicle is located.

With EOSPY Lite remote live GPS map tracking information you can monitor and manage your home, office or fleet anywhere, anytime using your Android phone.

The Executive Order EOSPY Lite unique product design allows live GPS tracking and surveillance all on your Android phone, without a costly monthly, third-party subscription service.

EOSPY is designed to support as many tracking devices as possible. Check the EOSPY device list for supported GPS tracking devices. EOSPY Lite GPS Tracker (GPS Tracking by SMS GSM) helps you to track and set your GPS Tracker Device from a large number of manufacturers. EOSPY Lite is Compatible with:

  • Xexun TK103-2, TK103, TK102, TK102-V2, TK102-V3, TK101, TK201-2, TK201, TK202, TK203, TK206, XT008, XT009, XT107
  • SmarTrack KX300, KX301, KX302, KX402
  • ZY International TK102B, TK103, TK103B, TK104, TK106, TK106B, TK008
  • Coban GPS 103-B, GPS 103-A, GPS 102-B, GPS 102, GPS 107, GPS 106-B, GPS 106-A, GPS 104, GPS 301, GPS 302, GPS 303, GPS 304, GPS 305, GPS 306
  • Zclelec GPS TK203, GPS TK201
  • Timson TK104, TK103-2, TK102-2, TK103, TK102
  • GPS Vision TK102-V6, TK102-V3
  • Anywhere TK108, TK106
  • GPS-Tracker: XEXUN/INCUTEX TK102-V3, TK102-V6, TK103, TK104, TK107, TK201, TK201-2, COBAN GPS102 with GPRS-functionality
  • Hashtag # TK102
  • G36 GPS Smart Watch

You can visit the Google Store EOSpy Lite at Google Store to download the Free EOSpy Lite to your Android Device.


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