Tron AI-IoTBPM – The Future of IoT (Internet of Things)

Tron AI-IoTBPM – The Future of IoT (Internet of Things)

Executive Order Corporation releases Arduino Tron AI-IoTBPM. Download AI-IoT Artificial Intelligent Internet of Things PDF – Arduino Tron AI-IoTBPM Internet of Things BRMS Drools Design Architecture.

Internet of Things” is a set of technology that will gradually and sometimes almost imperceptibly begin to affect us in the coming years. Any specific device application combination of sensors and devices will create significant long-term changes that can make our lives easier and more informed.

Executive Order Corp – Releases the Arduino Tron IoT-BPM and GPS tracking automation and remote monitoring system, a complete package for business using the Satellite Tron advanced IoT technology. Its wireless GPS tracking allows you to monitor your office, systems, personal property and fleet from anywhere in the world. Receive remote information from any number of events like when an employee arrives on-site to where a vehicle or piece of equipment is located.

The Satellite Tron GPS tracking automation and remote monitoring system tie all location and environment monitoring information together on one live GPS map. In addition to GPS tracking devices for tracking your fleet vehicles, belongings, merchandise, employees or valuables, the Satellite Tron application also allows for remote monitoring of ambient light intensity, temperature, humidity, and other device information. You can be notified when there is motion, your front door opens, garage door, back door, gate, or window(s), etc. You can also be notified by someone pressing a panic button on the remote GPS tracker.

Steven Woodward, President of Executive Order Corp., explains, “IoT is here.” If you recently purchased a newer car, you’re already using IoT and probably didn’t realize it. The onboard GPS in your car is already using IoT sensors for traffic avoidance on your trip. Your GPS with traffic services lets you know about delays on your route and suggests or automatically takes alternate routes to guide you around the trouble spots. Your GPS is receiving information from traffic sensors via the internet (IoT). This IoT data comes from cellular phone owners, electronic incident reports, radio feeds of live information, and fixed traffic sensors on major roads giving extremely accurate traffic reports. Mr. Woodward goes on to say, “the Internet of Things also promises to create entirely new categories of machines, ultimately simplifying our lives and making us more informed.” He tells people with IoT “it’s not you interacting with the machine, it’s the machine interacting with you.”

IoT promises to provide “Smart” environments (homes, cities, hospitals, schools, stores, offices, etc.) and smart products (cars, trucks, airplanes, trains, buildings, devices, etc.). But, the task of moving beyond “connected” to “smart” IoT devices is daunting. Moving beyond just collecting IoT data and transitioning to leveraging the new wealth of IoT data to improving the smart decision making is the key. Executive Order’s Satellite Tron AI will help these IoT devices, environments and products to self-monitor, self-diagnose and eventually, self-direct.

“If a machine thinks, then a machine can do.” – Steven Woodward

“It’s not you interacting with the machine; it’s the machine interacting with you .” – Steven Woodward

The definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Arduino Tron AI-IoTBPM is enabling what have previously been “dumb” devices to add new layers of functionality and access creating the basis for smart homes, smart cars, and smart manufacturing. It’s not just about automatically turning on an air conditioner. The data collected, combined with Arduino Tron AI-IoTBPM makes life easier with intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and proactive intervention.

These are just a few promising applications of Artificial Intelligence in IoT. The potential for highly individualized services are endless and will dramatically change the way people live. Arduino Tron provides us the three-tiered architecture to provide a complete AI-IoTBPM system.


Download AI-IoT Artificial Intelligent Internet of Things PDF AI-IoTBPM Internet of Things BRMS Drools Design Architecture.

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