Satellite Tron Jarvis Voice Assistant

Satellite Tron Jarvis Voice Assistant

Jarvis Speech Recognition AI General Intelligence for your IoT Machines
Satellite Tron Voice Assistant for your IoT Devices. The Brains in the Machine, Computational Knowledge, and General Artificial Intelligence Voice Recognition for your IoT Devices.

The Satellite Tron system known as Jarvis, An artificial general intelligence and interactive voice assistant for your IoT devices, our powerful Raspberry Pi AI voice recognition software is a general intelligence computational knowledge engine. Your internet of things systems of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, shop floor, office automation and field devices can now have the ability of AI natural human voice interaction.

With Satellite Tron artificial intelligent engine for your IoT devices, you can now ask general-knowledge questions from your IoT devices. Our artificial intelligent voice assistant is an intelligent piece of software for communicating with your IoT devices and machines. It gives you natural IoT device control and interaction. Combine this with the vast knowledge of the internet and you will be surprised by how much your business IoT devices can interact with you and the world.

Expanding on the information you now have available, you can ask Pi AI about things like “how the weather or traffic may affect your Satellite Tron – Smart Connect IoT field devices.” The AI Pi revolutionary interface to your enterprise data and IoT devices allows your employees and customers to access, analyze, and interact with your business data like never before – making information analysis and management broadly available – this kind of information you will need for your competitive advantage.

The new Jarvis integration with Satellite Tron – Smart Connect
With The Satellite Tron – Smart Connect IoT functions. You can ask questions like: “Hey Jarvis, is everything ok back at the office?”

The offices and shop floors of many businesses are increasingly intelligent
Under the generic term “smart office”, WLAN and sensors make the office capable of communication: temperature and lighting, roller blinds and electrical appliances can be remotely monitored and controlled. Motion detectors and door contacts that inform you of welcome visitors and shipping deliveries. With the Satellite Tron – Smart Office function, Jarvis now becomes a control center for your office: with mobile intelligence that now ensures maximum operating convenience from remote locations.


“Hey Jarvis, is there anybody in my office lobby right now?” “I’ll have a look. The last movement detected was in the lobby 15 minutes ago.” This is how future dialogues between you and the user’s smart office might proceed using the Satellite Tron – Smart Connect voice assistant. The Satellite Tron – Smart Office function will support numerous devices offered by smart office suppliers. Hey Jarvis understands queries and commands. These can be made for lamps, sockets, thermostats, shutters and blinds, motion detectors and door or window contacts, as well as temperature sensors. So the Jarvis can also answer this question: “Did I remember to turn the heating down?” Depending on the response and the thermostats installed in the office, it is possible to change the setting: “Set the temperature in the office to 70 degrees.”

Smart Office integration into Satellite Tron – Smart Connect can therefore help to reduce energy consumption. It also makes for comfort, because the heating can also be remotely turned up again in good time. Security and the sense of safety are increased because the motion detector can be directly interrogated. And the convenience of being able to turn off the lights after a departure is not without its advantages either.

IoT appliance devices by different providers can be connected and interrogated at the same time. A query “Hey Jarvis, is everything ok at office?” will cause all the installed equipment to be interrogated, prioritized by movement, windows/doors open, lights and heating. The answer might be: “All the windows and blinds are closed, and the light is still off in the lobby.”

Of course the office lights can be controlled remotely: “Hey Jarvis, please switch the light on in the lobby. I’ll be office in ten minutes.” “Will do, I’m switching the light on in the lobby.”

“Hey Jarvis” integrated voice assistant is always at your service
“Jarvis” is more dialogue capable and now supports natural language understanding (NLU). This makes natural interaction on a wide range of topics possible. As a new feature, a completed dialogue can be continued with further commands. Several consecutive instructions can be issued. The new Chit-Chat and knowledge domain provides the right answers to many questions, and even questions about office status and buildings in the immediate vicinity.

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