Satellite Tron AI-IoT Quick Guide

Satellite Tron AI-IoT Quick Guide

Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM: Internet of Things Drools-jBPM Arduino Tron Quick Start Video Guide


Executive Order Corp – Arduino Tron – Arduino ESP8266 MQTT Telemetry Transport Machine-to-Machine(M2M)/Internet of Things(IoT) – Arduino Tron: Satellite Tron-Executive Order Sensor Processor System – Arduino Tron MQTT AI-IoTBPM Client using Satellite Tron AI-IoT Drools-jBPM

The power of the IoT (Internet of Things) device increases greatly when business process (jBPM) can use them to provide information about our real-world as well as execute IoT (devices) as part of our business process. The jBPM-BPMN modular allow us to define both the Business Processes and IoT Devices Behavior at the same time using one diagram. With Satellite Tron adding Drools-jBPM to IoT, we make the IoT devices “smart”.

Moving beyond just collecting IoT data and transitioning, to leveraging the new wealth of IoT data, to improving the smart decision making is the key. Executive Order Satellite Tron Arduino Tron AI-IoTBPM will help these IoT devices, environments and products to self-monitor, self-diagnose and eventually, self-direct.

Executive Order Satellite Tron — This quick guide will help you install and configure the Satellite Tron – Executive Order Sensor Processor System components.

Executive Order Satellite Tron has several components:
1. The Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM, the Internet of Things Drools-jBPM Expert System.
2. The Satellite Tron Server, the live map GPS tracking Windows program.
3. The Satellite Tron Client, the Arduino Tron or Android application you install on an Android phone.
4. Configure GSM/GPRS/GPS Tracking Devices or Arduino Tron to use with Satellite Tron – Executive Order Sensor Processor System Server.

You can have an unlimited number and combination of Satellite Tron Clients and/or GPS tracking devices in use with Satellite Tron Server. (Download Satellite Tron Server from our website and Download Satellite Tron Client from the Google Store, standard or TI-SensorTag version)

1. Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM – To install the Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM program on your Windows computer, download and install the “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Use the Eclipse feature to Add new software, available on the Eclipse menu “Help -> Install New Software.” GIT the Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM from the source code repository, and Import Existing Maven project. Select the “Add” option and install these packages:

Drools + jBPM Update Site 7.7.0 –
BPMN2-Modeler 1.4.2 –

2. Satellite Tron Server – To install the Satellite Tron Server program on your Windows computer, download the eospy.exe installation program, and click on the eospy.exe install program. Satellite Tron will by default install in the destination location: C: Program Files Satellite Tron Server and create a Start Menu folder: Satellite Tron on your desktop. To start the Satellite Tron Server, click on the Eagle icon on your desktop. The Satellite Tron login and map will appear in your browser. The default email and password are both: admin

3.a Satellite Tron Client (Arduino Tron) – To install the Satellite Tron Arduino Tron application on your Arduino Device, download the Satellite Tron Arduino Tron Sensor application from GIT. Update the with WiFi network values for network SSID (name) and network password. Update the Satellite Tron Server IP address and unique unit ID values and add in Satellite Tron Server. Also, you may use a DHT11 digital temperature, and humidity sensor see the Arduino Tron Sensor sketch for more details and information.

3.b Satellite Tron Client (Android) – To install the Satellite Tron Client application on your phone, download the Satellite Tron application from the Google App Store. To start the Satellite Tron Client, click on the Eagle icon on your phone. The Satellite Tron Client screen will appear. You can also download the Satellite Tron TI-SensorTag Client version.

To configure a new Satellite Tron Client, you will need to enter the Satellite Tron Server address, Domain name, or IP address into the Server address. Next, add this device in the Satellite Tron Server by entering the Device name and the Device Identifier. Swipe the Service Status On, and YOU’RE DONE. The device will appear on the Satellite Tron Server map the next time the Satellite Tron Client sends GPS position information.

4. GPS Tracking Devices – Many companies make various off-the-shelf GPS Tracking devices. Configuring these devices will vary a little from vendors. First, add the new device with a unique identifier into the Satellite Tron – Executive Order Sensor Processor System Server. Next, configure your device to use the appropriate Satellite Tron Server IP address and port number. If the device fails to report, check the IP Address and Device ID.

Device Unique Identifier

For most devices, you should use an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number as a unique identifier. However, some devices have vendor-specific unique identifiers, for example, TK-103 devices use a 12-digit identifier.

If you don’t know your device identifier, you can configure your device first and look at the server log file. When the server receives a message from an unknown device, it writes a record containing a unique identifier of a new device. Look for records like “Unknown device – 123456789012345”; “Unknown device” 123456789012345 is your new Device Identifier.

Address and Port

To select the correct port, find your device in the list of supported devices. The Port column of the corresponding row contains default port numbers for your device. If you want to use variations from the default ports, you can change them in the configuration file.

Satellite Tron supports more than 90 GPS communication protocols and more than 800 models of GPS tracking devices from popular GPS vendors. Review the list of supported devices for information about your GPS Tracking Device.

The Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM Arduino Tron Server

Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM Arduino Tron Server software interface allows you to send commands with the Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM software to control external Arduino connected devices. The AI-IoTBPM Arduino Tron Server software uses a WiFi Wireless Transceiver interface to control and interact with module sensors and remote controls devices. You can control any device form the Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM Arduino Tron Server software or stream any interface over the WiFi internet. With the Satellite Tron AI-IoTBPM Arduino Tron Server software, you can automatically turn on lights, appliances, cameras, and open doors from the Drools-jBPM Expert System processing model.