Our founding leadership team is headed by Steven Woodward

Executive Order Leadership Team

Steven Woodward Professional Bio

Steven possesses great personal charm, adaptability, aggressiveness, and creativity. He is elegant by nature and strives for the better things in life and in business. Steven is bright and gregarious, and his intellectual versatility is always immediately recognized.

Steven provides a firm and focused structure to his energetic ambitions. Outspoken at times, Steven has a unique brand of self-confidence, in which he takes on desired tasks with drive and purpose. Socially, Steven has well-formed morals and ideals, which creates a genuine interest in the well-being of others. Steven can identify new opportunities as they arise and is successful at pursuing new gains. His role as a Technology Thought Leader, Innovator, Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur, Architect, Strategist, Technologist, Visionary, and Public Speaker are strong indicators of a life path full of success.

Steven brings a unique blend of talents and experiences to computer science. He continuously pursues new challenges, more profound knowledge, and the opportunity to improve technology; this drives his passion for the work that he performs. Steven views his track record of success as a byproduct of building team cohesion and inspiring individuals to strive toward ever-higher levels of achievement. Believing that we are all stronger together, Steven looks to build great businesses and healthy communities, one relationship at a time.

Steven has created the Executive Order Corporation Advance Technology and Innovation Lab. We are a forward-looking organization focused on providing our customers with sustainable competitive technology advantages. Steven is responsible for evaluating the market by monitoring changes to market conditions and investigating emerging technologies and new business models. He also generates new ideas and opportunities, vetting those ideas efficiently and effectively to determine if the value can be created, and then developing the strategy to best capture that value.

In other words, Steven is responsible for helping create the future of technology and changing the world.

Our founding leadership team is headed by Steven Woodward the president and chief executive officer of Executive Order Corporation

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978, Executive Order Corp was established to provide Project Consulting, Custom Applications, Professional Services, and Software Development to our corporate clients. We provide their clients with exemplary products and professional software consulting services.

Executive Order Corp is a leading provider of technology that helps global companies design, develop, deploy, and integrate software applications. Delivering best-in-class solutions dedicated to interoperability, we allow enterprises of all sizes to move toward IoT, Edge Computing, and M2M AI-IoT embedded devices.

About Satellite Tron an Executive Order Corporation

Steven heads up our forward-looking leadership team, which is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives.

Steven says we work with our customers and with our employees worldwide. Our knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our customers, stakeholders, and investors around the globe.

We start our Edge Computing custom solution engagements for IoT with one simple question. “If you knew the state of everything in your enterprise and you could reason over top of this data, what business case problems could you solve?”

Our mission is to make sure that you can know the state of everything of all your devices and that you can reason on top of the data so that you can truly solve your business problems and provide enhanced customer service.