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Satellite Tron Smart Connect IoT Solutions

Satellite Tron Smart Connect IoT Solutions


Fleet and Asset Management Smart IoT/M2M Tracking

As merchandise travels between trading partners and logistics providers around the world, IoT/M2M is helping to provide the global product and asset visibility that transport operators and fleet managers need to become more efficient, sustainable, compliant and competitive.

Smart IoT/M2M Asset Tracking solutions provide a seamless overview of the physical location and status of any vehicle and any asset throughout the supply chain. In fact, IoT/M2M Asset Tracking solutions provide details about the location and condition of containers, pallet or the actual goods in transit and can send out automatic alerts whenever an issue arises, such as unauthorized access to the goods or unwanted temperature fluctuations. This makes the supply chain more efficient and ensures a competitive edge.

Satellite Tron – Smart Connect ToI/M2M Fleet Management solutions are also helping to uncover more cost-effective ways to green fleets, reduce fuel costs, increase driver and fleet department productivity, and reduce preventable accidents Satellite Tron – Smart Connect IoT/M2M Fleet Management Solutions deliver swifter response times via more efficient job allocation, shorter journeys and fleet management.


ATM Wireless Solutions

Satellite Tron – Smart Connect IoT/M2M solutions are quickly becoming the new standard of the financial services industry, replacing fixed line connection ATMs.

Satellite Tron – Smart Mobile IoT/M2M solutions have less downtime often associated with wired ATMs, and offer faster deployments. Plus, because mobile ATMs can be set up in temporary locations such as sports and music events, wireless ATM solutions provide new revenue streams for financial service providers and ATM vendors (ISOs).

With Satellite Tron Mobile IoT’s Wireless ATM solutions in place, ATM vendors receive the communications options they want plus the security and reliability they require.

Additional Features of Satellite Tron IoT Mobile ATM Solutions

  • Economical rate plans with customized billing and data pooling
  • OTA (Over the Air) Remote maintenance, software updates, and message deployment capabilities
  • Faster transaction speeds
  • Reliable Nationwide coverage
  • Dial-up and IP gateways
  • Complete device management solution
  • Secure PCI certified private network connectivity


Kiosks, Gaming and Point-of-Sale – Expand Your Reach with Satellite Tron Mobile Solutions

To reach customers on the go, you must provide convenient access to timely promotions, financial services, customer relations and advertisements that engage, entertain – and compel them to action.

With Satellite Tron Mobile IoT’s affordable M2M solutions, you can:

  • Perform live customer service interactions
  • Engage customers where they are
  • Process secure remote payments

Satellite Tron Mobile IoT’s reliable M2M self-serve wireless kiosks, point-of-sale and gaming solutions can expand the reach of your applications to the non-traditional sites your customers require – from convention booths and markets to local stores and large hotel chains – helping you improve customer care, increase interactions and motivate sales.

Satellite Tron Mobile Connectivity Security and Surveillance

Manage wireless alarm systems, access control, manage loss prevention, reduce property vandalism, increase employee and/or customer security, reduce liabilities, and increase employee productivity.

Traditional fixed line connections to security cameras and alarms are time-consuming to install, expensive to procure and update, and cost even more manpower to manage. Add to that the risk of leaving older security systems vulnerable to criminals that know how to crack them. The security industry is now turning to IoT/M2M security and surveillance products for better protection.

Easier to install and less expensive to maintain, Satellite Tron – Smart IoT/M2M enabled devices, cameras and alarms use wireless technology to maintain around-the-clock connections to emergency services or private monitoring stations. They’re also more adaptable to a full array of applications without the need for prohibitive workforce or investment costs. The lack of wires allows IoT/M2M security systems to be deployed much more conveniently. And, since there are no wires to cut, the connection is more difficult for thieves to break; any disconnection will send an alarm instantly.

With Satellite Tron – Smart IoT/M2M surveillance and security, you can track your most valuable assets in real time and trigger an alarm the minute it is moved or takes an incorrect route.


Digital Message and Signage – Engage Customers and Boost Revenues

Signage can grab the interest of customers, create powerful connections and dialogue and change how the world experiences, perceives and interacts with new product and service offerings.

Embedded Satellite Tron – Smart IoT/M2M technology enables digital signage to carry up-to-the-minute messaging virtually anywhere. In a busy world, the ability to attract people’s attention is getting harder. The key is being able to have the right message in the right place at the right time.

Consistent and reliable network connectivity is the hallmark of any properly deployed digital signage service. Not only critical for quick data retrieval and updates, next generation signage will demand stored and real-time video content to meet emerging market demands. From mobile to high-definition displays, Satellite Tron Mobile IoT helps businesses create engaging, impactful, instant and far-reaching signage through a seamless integration of strategy, IR connectivity and wireless LAN for on-site delivery.


Satellite Tron Remote Monitoring – IoT/M2M Monitoring and Control Systems

Assets spread out over wide geographic distances take time, money and personnel to secure. However, what once required dedicated systems or professionals traveling from one far-off location to the next, now only requires a Remote Monitoring and Control solution.

With Satellite Tron Mobile IoT M2M monitoring and control systems, organizations are meeting the challenges of securing geographically dispersed assets, all while uncovering new data-driven insights and efficiencies. They’re also finding new ways to sense and respond to customer demands and market fluctuations, working smarter with supply partners, and managing processes, systems and assets without personnel on-site.

With Satellite Tron – Smart IoT/M2M Remote Monitoring and Control Solutions, Companies Can

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Maintain performance levels
  • Increase revenues
  • Improve available capacity and facility control
  • Reduce risks
  • Create new, innovative business models


Satellite Tron Mobile IoT Business Continuity Solutions – Protect Your Business

When landlines aren’t available, Satellite Tron Mobile IoT wireless business continuity solutions give you the fast and seamless connections you need to stay up and running.

Make calls, get online, process payments and respond to your customers – seamlessly. Set up reliable backup router solutions and extend network coverage to all of your business locations, from mobile workstations and warehouses, to retail stores, pop-up outlets, banks and more. Pair our business continuity hardware with a lightning fast 4G connection and your network will run better than ever. Plus, our IoT/M2M services let you extend your network to areas that aren’t “plugged in”.

Business Continuity Solutions to keep your business up and running

Does business come to a standstill when the power goes out, the network fails or you relocate your office? Disruptions in voice and data service can be costly for any business. Satellite Tron Mobile IoT business continuity solutions give you fast and flexible ways to extend, maintain and restore your online connections and day-to-day operations.


Satellite Tron Healthcare –  Remote Patient Monitoring

mHealth is poised to transform the healthcare industry. Satellite Tron – Smart IoT/M2M healthcare technology is easy and cost effective to implement eliminating the need for expensive fixed line installation. It works out of the box, improves patient mobility and avoids the pitfalls of competing technology’s limited distance and inconsistent performance.

Remote patient monitoring devices can help doctors keep track of vital signs for patients with cardiac illness, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. In fact, studies have consistently found that chronically ill patients in half of all hospital beds could be treated and monitored just as well if they were at home. IoT/M2M remote patient monitoring, medical equipment monitoring and tracking services all play integral roles in this new era of patient care.

Satellite Tron – Smart IoT/M2M can help cut costs, and improve the overall quality of life for the chronically ill. Additional Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits Include

  •     More cost-effective healthcare management
  •     Reduced costs for hospitals, patients and insurers
  •     Safe lowering of patients’ hospital stays and visits
  •     Easier drug, substance and waste management tracking
  •     Early medical intervention at the first sign of distress
  •     Dramatic improvements in patients’ quality of life
  •     Restored patient mobility and independence
  •     Strengthened doctor and patient relationships
  •     Around-the-clock monitoring of patients’ health, safety and security

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Executive Order Corp. is a leading provider of technology that helps global companies design, develop, deploy, and integrate software applications. Delivering best-in-class solutions dedicated to interoperability, they allow enterprises of all sizes to move toward Web-based computing while continuing to leverage the benefits of legacy systems.

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